Friday, January 11, 2008

Creating a Podcast is Just So Dang Easy

Well, I'm incredibly excited that I was able to create my first episode of the "Lucy Show" podcast last night. I was surprised at how easy this was. I downloaded Audacity and very quickly recorded a test podcast (me reading The Cat In the Hat). And I then just followed the excellent instructions in Making a Podcast with Blogger and FeedBurner. And after setting the RSS 2.0 feed up in FeedBurner, it was like magic to be able to subscribe to the feed from iTunes and see my episode come down. The final satisfaction was playing the feed for Lucy on the iPod this morning while driving into work. (We often listen to music or watch kid shows, plugging the iPod into the car stereo).

The bottom line on this stuff is that blogging and podcasting is so easy these days, everyone should do it. Blogging especially easy, with the great support from Blogger. But creating an actual podcast only marginally harder. Makes me want to rush out and teach community ed classes in podcasting!