Monday, November 16, 2009

Princesses, Thunderstorms, and Corn

We're back after a long absence. In this show, recorded back in July, Lucy rambles a bit, but talks about a movie that she recently saw ("Enchanted"), in which a princess cleans house. Then we talk a bit about thunderstorms and the wisdom of avoiding swimming pools because of the lightning. Finally, Lucy answers Dad's question about when she thinks the sweet corn will be ready for harvesting.

We were in the car when we recorded this, so the quality is a bit poor and it's more of a monologue, rather than our normal back and forth discussion. But we're trying to get back on a regular schedule for the podcast and will post another show soon.

Listen: Princesses, Thunderstorms, and Corn

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Unknown said...

I loved this show. Great progress. Lucy is quite fluent now and she is so clear. Congratulations to Dad and Daughter!